Artist Statement

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I try to approach each painting with a minimum of predigested information. I look at the world with the natural curiosity of a child, always looking for unique qualities that each new moment brings. Talent, I believe, is found in the ability to take risks, and with that in mind, I am continually willing to risk it all every time I paint. The most exciting paintings, for me, are the ones that balance a bold fresh approach with the sensitive and subtle workings of the heart and mind. 

I have always been interested in translucency. I have created a process on a transparent surface that allows me to adhere any medium (acrylic, pastel, oils, watercolor) and produce an extraordinary amount of luminosity and translucency in my work. It is this interest that allows me to push my process forward and engage in discovery. 

I do not have formulas. I am always searching because I'm far more interested in what I can learn today than what I accomplished yesterday. I paint intuitively - if it feels right, it is right. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. I paint loose, free and spontaneously, not only because it satisfies me, but because it allows the viewer to involve themselves visually and emotionally. Their imagination is ignited from my own, and in that, they complete the work.

I am constantly experimenting with new materials and technology that can become a portal to creativity. 

- Al Lachman